Top 5 Things to Do in Melbourne

If there’s a city in the world that needs little or no introduction, then it’s Melbourne, Australia. Reason? It has more than the world has to offer. Though not really the capital city of Australia, Melbourne is supposedly the second most populous city of the in the Oceania in general and Australia in particular. It’s massive and spans to over 9,900 km2. The city comprises of the broader metropolitan area and expands into the hinterlands towards the Macedon and Dandenong mountains, Yarra valley and Mornington Peninsula.

What’s shocking about Melbourne isn’t it’s population of almost 5 million people or that part of it is situated on the beach but that it consists of a whopping 31 municipalities. With such a crazy data, little room is left for guessing on what Melbourne can or can’t offer. Besides, what can one miss in a city that was once one of the world’s top gold producers? Here are the top 5 things to do in Melbourne with a special mention to go to the Melbourne Cup and AFL Grand Final which both just missed the list.

Visit the national gallery of Victoria

Situated in the St.Kilda, the national gallery of victoria is the oldest public art gallery in the entire Australia and boasts of more than 68,000 artworks. The building was officially opened in 1968 and renovated in 2003. One of its ley striking features is that it has an expansive floor where visitors can lay and gaze at the breathtaking colorful glass ceiling. One can also learn the Australian art history from Aboriginal to the contemporary mixed media.

Breathtaking Eureka Tower

Standing tall, precisely 91 stories, the eureka tower was named in recognition of the 1854 rebellion in the Victorian goldfields. What’s unique about the skyscraper isn’t its height but that it has a gold crown and gold-plated windows that add to the golden era theme. On its 88th floor, there’s a sky deck that’s the highest public view in the southern hemisphere. Enhancing the experience is The Edge. A glass cube sliding out 3 meters from the building.

Enjoy the mouth watering delicacies

Melbourne offers an array of culinary delights ranging from fine dining places through to street food experiences. One thing that’s for sure is that Melbourne’s restaurant scene is ever packed to capacity with visitors sampling Australian delicacies including Rice Paper, gourmet buffet, the list is endless.

Moonlight Outdoor Cinema

For at least something out of the ordinary, enjoy a flick out outdoor moonlight cinema in Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens during the summer. In addition, you get the stunning view of Melbourne’s Central business district at night. All you need to do is to book a patch of grass quite in advance.


Visit the Federation SquareOpened in the year 2002, the Federation Square marked 100 years of federation. It’s a landmark that almost split Australia right in the middle with some loving it and others hating it to death. All in all, the square has become an integral part of Melbourne and one of the great spot for tourists.


Visit it to learn why it almost divided Australia and also sample some of its valuable but hidden secrets.

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